Robotic Camera Control

Staying true to our insatiable desire to explore the unseen, we combine the beauty of high-speed filmmaking with ground-breaking robotic engineering and imagination to create unforgettable and breathtaking visual experiences. First, we’ve partnered with Nikon and MRMC to exclusively unleash the fastest, most advanced cinebot in existence, BOLT. Second, we’ve re-purposed and given new life to our resident robot, ROCCO as the bigger robotic brother to BOLT. Our bots working in tandem with our Phantom Flex4K now open a new world of shooting possibilities, especially in the realms of special effects, tabletop and slow-motion cinema. This is our edge.

Phantom Flex4K

The feather in RITE’s cap and our weapon of choice, the Phantom Flex4K is the world’s fastest 4k-cinema camera, capable of capturing extraordinary high frame rates in beautiful ultra-high resolution. With an incredibly limited supply, this camera is widely considered the “holy grail” of slow motion cinematography. When operated by one of our manufacturer-trained technicians, it has the unique versatility of being more scalpel than brush, allowing us to consistently capture the perfect moment. Sharp minds require sharp eyes. This is our vision.

Creative Services


RiTE Media Group has built a reputation synonymous with quality; creating compelling and ground-breaking visuals in the form of film, commercial and music video digital content. From inception to completion, we combine forward-thinking creative direction, proprietary cutting-edge technology and one of the most dedicated, efficient and creative in-house film crews in the industry to turn your visions into memorable and mind-blowing realities.


The key to a beautiful image is telling a beautiful story. We pride ourselves on creative versatility and thoughtful planning for each of our still stories. Travel, fashion, creative portraiture, product and wedding are just a few of the wide spectrum of photographic solutions we provide.


Originally beginning as a record production company, RiTE’s roots are deep in the music industry. Paris Schulman has lead the way in shaping the Atlanta pan-genre sound with his unique brand of production; infusing pop, electronic, R&B, hip hop, folk and several other influences. In tandem with our motion services, we offer original score, sound design, foley and sound production mixing services in-house.


Happily located in the diverse, thriving neighborhood of Grant Park, RITE’s studio facilities include a wrap-around infinity cyclorama, dedicated equipment facilities, workshop, client screening room and a lofted VIP area, giving us the flexibility to accommodate a wide variety of productions, from table-top commercials to full in-studio music videos. These are supplemented by our office spaces, post house, and robotics lab, which are a hum of their own activity. All of these pieces operate in concert with the needs of each project, yet all live and thrive under the same roof. This is our strength.